January 2012 to Current
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December 2011
And the action continues! Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol was first in our studios this month, as we continued our work on TV spots for the blockbuster Tom Cruise starrer. Then again this month, we were back with Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, only this time he was joined by pals Channing Tatum and Bruce Willis with trailers for the second installment of the Paramount Pictures epic, G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Next it was on to trailers for the critically acclaimed thrillers, Cabin In the Woods (Lions Gate Films) and Silent House (Open Road Films). And finally, appropriately for the season, we finished out the month (and the year) with both action and fun for the young and young-at-heart, with fun holiday promotions for Legoland theme parks. And with that, we say Happy Holidays Everyone! From all of us at Louder Productions, we wish you a beautiful, warm, special and wonderful holiday season and coming year!

November 2011
Super Agents, Super Sleuths, and Superstars! Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol was the first mission of the month, and we loved being back with Super Agent Ethan Hunt and his team while working on music and sound design for the blockbuster's trailer and TV spots. And from there it was on to another superstar super sleuth, as Sherlock Holmes paid our studios a visit and we had a scarily good time working on TV spots for this latest installment of the franchise, A Game Of Shadows. And for even more Robert Downey Jr, then it was back to our superhero friends with The Avengers. Next it was even more sleuthing with superstars, as Edgar Allan Poe and John Cusack visited with trailers for Relativity Media's thriller, The Raven. Following that, it was more mystery, with work on the trailer for Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (Warner Bros. Pictures). And finally, blasting out the end of the month with an explosive blockbuster, Universal Pictures' Battleship sailed into our studios and we had a great time supplying additional ordnance for the epic's trailer.

October 2011
What an action filled month! Blasting into our studios first were The Avengers, as we had a great time with the superhero gang while working on the theatrical trailer and promos for the Disney/Marvel blockbuster epic. Then, after a quick cast change, we jumped into the future with music for TV spots for 20th Century Fox's intense sci-fi thriller, In Time. And finishing the month on a very fun note, we were thrilled to have action's furriest superstar join us in the studios, with scoring the trailer for Puss In Boots.

September 2011
California's hottest month is often September, and this certainly was true as we kicked things off with Jennifer Lopez and music for the video for her latest hit single, Papi. And from there, the heat kept rising with Kate Beckinsale, and work on trailers for Underworld: Awakening (Columbia Tristar Pictures). Next, for even more action (and more heat), Sam Worthington joined the cast, as we scored trailers for Summit's tension filled thriller, Man On A Ledge. And then, topping things off with superhero thermometer-rising star power, The Avengers were back, as we had a blast with more work on promotions for Disney/Marvel's epic blockbuster.

August 2011
There must be something about August and the letter 'A' because this month was filled with them! Our studio's branches were swinging first this month with, Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes (20th Century Fox), as we had a blast working on TV spots for the thought-provoking evolutionary blockbuster. And speaking of huge blockbusters, next it was back in action with Marvel's super-hero team as we continued our work on trailers for The Avengers! Then for even more a-list stars, next was Taylor Lautner in trailers for Abduction. And finally, wrapping up the month, the 'A's even extended to outer space, as we launched into very scary TV spots for Apollo 18 (The Weinstein Company).

July 2011
We're officially smack in the middle of blockbuster season, and we love it! Transformers: Dark Of The Moon brought an interstellar start to the month, as we contributed to TV spots for this third installment of the epic action franchise. Then next we rejoined Captain America, except this time he brought all of his epic pals with him and we had a super-heroic good time working on the first trailer for The Avengers! And from there it was off to the other side of the pond to work on trailers for our favorite super-sleuth, Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows. Happy popcorn munching, everyone!

June 2011
It's Super Epic! Captain America: The First Avenger was the first to rush into our studios this month, as we were honored to work on the latest trailer for the blockbuster from Paramount/Marvel. Up next, we continued scoring the epic battles with music for the forthcoming trailer for Universal/DreamWorks' blockbuster, Cowboys & Aliens. Then launching out for even more galactic adventures, we blasted on to trailers for John Carter, the upcoming blockbuster from Walt Disney Studios. And speaking of fantastic fantasy stories, next we had a very magical time on trailers for epic director Steven Spielberg's latest blockbuster, The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn (Columbia Tristar) and a superhero-sized good time with The Amazing Spider-Man (Columbia Tristar/Marvel) trailers. Finally, with an incredible finish to the month, it was our outstanding pleasure to help introduce the next blockbuster installment of the Tom Cruise super-agent Ethan Hunt franchise with trailers for Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol (Paramount Pictures).

May 2011
CBS's international mega-hit, CSI: Miami, shot into our studios first this month, as we had a criminally good time contributing music for the show (which was an especially exciting addition to our years of work on the two other members of the hit franchise)! And speaking of criminal epics, up next we were thrilled to continue our work on trailers for Universal's upcoming blockbuster, Fast Five. Then for more action/adventure, we jumped into trailers for Spy Kids 4, the latest release in the hit franchise from The Weinstein Company. Next, it was onto a super-fun revisit to one of our childhood favorites, as we had a blast adding some extra action to trailers for The Muppets (Walt Disney Pictures). And finally, wrapping up the month on a very touching note, we were very pleased to contribute to the soundtrack of MTV's heartfelt series on life-changing teen stories, I Used To Be Fat.

April 2011
It's an alien invasion this month in the Louder studios! Blasting in first, we were honored to contribute to the soundtrack of the latest trailer for Universal/DreamWorks' epic blockbuster, Cowboys & Aliens. And next, continuing our outer space adventures, it was Apollo 18, as we worked on trailers for this extremely scary thriller from The Weinstein Company. Then the extraterrestial investigations continued, with assisting the team on trailers for the upcoming new season of Torchwood (STARZ). And finally, with the alien wars happily won, we returned back to the roots of America with more music for commercials for Ford's 'Step Up To A Ford' campaign.

March 2011
Hammers, Guns, Cars, and Fists - it's a Superhero Showcase! Up first, more Marvel-ous times ensued with Thor, as we continued our work on trailers for the Paramount/Marvel epic blockbuster. And next, keeping pedal-to-the-metal, it was back into the world of Dom, Brian, and the rest of the Fast Five crew, with more work on trailers for this latest release of the hit Universal Pictures' franchise. Finally, from larger-than-life to very real-life, we punched into the end of the month with more work on trailers for the amazing true (and Oscar-winning!) story of boxer Mickey Ward in The Fighter (Paramount Pictures).

February 2011
SuperBowl! The big game day is always so much fun and we were honored to contribute to three of this year's highly-anticipated SuperBowl spots. First in the game day was the spot for Fast Five, the latest installment of Universal Pictures' blockbuster The Fast And The Furious franchise. Up next, it was time to move into world of epic super heroes, as we lent a hand (or hammer, as the case may be) with the big game spot for Thor (Paramount Pictures). And appropriately enough, next we capped off the game with the spot for Paramount's post-Thor superhero epic, Captain America. And although the game day may have finished for this year, we always love working on commercials, so we had a great time during the rest of the month continuing our scoring work on Ford's Telly-winning Step Up To A Ford campaign.

January 2011
Happy New Year, everyone! And what a super start to the New Year it is! Trailers for Paramount Pictures' superhero blockbuster, Thor, made the first epic-sized blast into our studios this month. And speaking of action heroes, up next it was Liam Neeson in Unknown, as we contributed to trailers for the Warner Bros. upcoming tension-filled thriller. And finally, rounding out the end of the month and filling it with laughs, we had a gut-bustingly good time making sonic contributions to trailers for Universal Pictures' alien-on-earth comedy, Paul.

December 2010
Well, it must be the magic of the holidays because this month, we had a childhood dream come true again, as we explored arcades filled with discs, light cycles, and The Grid, while working on trailers for the Disney's revisit of the classic, TRON: Legacy. Then next, the action just kept on coming, as we raced into trailers for Universal Pictures' next installment of their hit The Fast And The Furious series, Fast Five. And finally, to the exuberant joy of our preteen cousins, nieces and nephews, we rounded out the month with working on trailers for Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. Happy Holidays, everyone! From all of us at Louder Productions, we wish you the very best for the holiday season!

November 2010
This month, our chief composer Jeff MacDonald had a dream come true, as he got to recreate the theme from one of his favorite childhood television shows, as we scored the main title music for S.W.A.T.: Firefight (Sony Pictures) (with much love to the original S.W.A.T. composer, Barry De Vorzon!). And from there, it was straight into even more action with trailers for the alien invasion thriller, Skyline (Universal Pictures). Keeping the tension high, next we jumped into trailers for Lionsgate's prison-escape thriller, The Next Three Days. Then, jumping back into stories from our childhood, it was on to trailers for Red Riding Hood (Warmer Bros.), although we must say that if our childhood version of the story was as intense as this, we would have had quite the nightmares! Speaking of scarefests, up next was more work on the trailers for Scream 4! And finally, finishing out the month on a very light and fun note, we scored a national commercial spot for Dole.

October 2010
GoDaddy.com was the first to get going in our studios this month, as we scored a hilarious 'Mime Dating' spot that helped two French lovebirds 'find their voices' for GoDaddy's Find Your Voice campaign. Then up next, we like to hope that our trailer work on it was just as Unstoppable as the film, as we crafted signature elements for the mammoth 20th Century Fox runaway-train action-thriller. Then, jumping into more suspense filled chills (and a few laughs too), Scream 4 (The Weinstein Company) filled our studios as we had a terror-ific time working on trailers for this latest installment of the hit series. And speaking of hit series, following that, it was back to even more action as we contributed to the trailers for the latest installment of Activision's massively successful game, Call Of Duty: Black Ops. And just in time to give a fun toast to the end of the month, the Step Up To A Ford campaign that we've been scoring for the past few months won a Telly award at this year's annual ceremony!

September 2010
This month got off to a fighting start, as we jumped into the ring first with trailers for The Fighter (Paramount Pictures), the bio-pic epic of boxer 'Irish' Micky Ward that's already garnering Oscar whispers. And from one epic fight to another, next it was onto scoring the trailer for the martial arts' adventure, The Warrior's Way (Relativity Media). Then, for even more scares, up next, the trailers for Case 39 (Paramount Pictures) had us cowering underneath the mixing console! With all of that cinematic action, how appropriate that our next project was on an outstanding way to view all of it: national commercial spots for Toshiba's latest REGZA 3D TV campaign. Then, blasting into our studios again, Ford was back with fun spots for the 2011 Edge and 2011 Fusion. And finally, wrapping up the month with an incredibly special project, it was both an honor and privilege to contribute to the broadcast of Stand Up To Cancer 2, the global fundraiser spearheaded by Laura Ziskin Productions.

August 2010
Ford was the first to blast through our doors this month, and we had a great time cranking out music for the latest F150 campaign. Next it was onto trailers for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Universal Pictures), as we helped put on the 'magical' special touches to the soundtrack. Then, wrapping up the month, it was time for the Emmys! Although we didn't take home a trophy this year, we still had a great time at the awards festivities and want to say a hearty congratulations to everyone!

July 2010
It's the middle of summer and that means it's time for Comic-Con - and time for sneak peaks at the year's upcoming blockbusters! So accordingly, we mustered all of our superhero power to help make special release trailers for Thor (Paramount Pictures) and The Green Lantern (Warner Bros.) really shine at this year's giant comic convention. After that, next it was on to trailers for the very scary (and remarkably emotional) vampire thriller, Let Me In (Overture Films). And then finally, from vampires to zombies, we geared up with Milla Jovovich and her ass-kicking team for more work on trailers for Resident Evil: Afterlife (Columbia Tristar).

June 2010
Leonardo and the rest of the Inception dream team kicked off our month, as we had a great time scoring trailers for the Warner Bros. summer blockbuster psych adventure. And from one dream world to another, up next we scored promotions for 20th Century Fox's third blockbuster in the series, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Then for even more fantasy adventures, we continued our work on trailers for Paramount's blockbuster hit, The Last Airbender. Next, Resident Evil 4 blasted its way through our studio doors as we crafted trailer elements for the latest installment of the hit series. And finally, we came back around to the heartland of America, with scoring a whole series of spots for the next Ford television campaign.

May 2010
Well, we always wanted to share the stage with ACDC and this month we finally got to... well, in a manner of speaking! Yes, that's right, it was ACDC and us (and a whole lot of other folks too) lending a hand on soundtracks for the trailers for Iron Man 2 this month. And blasting from that to yet more action, up next were trailers for Universal Pictures' very intense thriller, The Adjustment Bureau. And wrapping up the month with a huge party, we finished up the scoring sessions for an absolutely captivating documentary that's been nearly four years in the making - Truth In Numbers? Everything, According to Wikipedia.

April 2010
From the ancient to the futuristic, it's action everywhere here this month! The A-Team charged into the front of our month, as we continued our work on the campaign with the second trailer for the highly anticipated Fox release. And from there we returned back into the lands of sword battles and horsemen as we continued our work on the trailers for Robin Hood (Universal Pictures) and Paramount Pictures' The Last Airbender. Next, trading swords for six-shooters, we rode on to trailers for fun western adventure, Jonah Hex. And finally, it was into the world of very scary sci-fi (or maybe a little too close to real sci!), as we donned the bio-containment suits for trailers for the thrilling Warner Bros. Pictures release, Splice.

March 2010
Laughs are in the air this month, as we filled our studios with comedy from start to finish! First up was scoring national TV spots for ATT Mobility's rollicking 'Breaking News' campaign. And up next, we had a blast going behind the scenes with the cast and crew, as we scored promotions for Our Family Wedding (20th Century Fox). Finally, lighting up the end of the month with a blue-haze finish, we scored trailers for Edward Norton/Tim Blake Nelson's latest deadpan comedy, Leaves Of Grass (Firstlook Pictures).

February 2010
Robin of Loxley is back! Shooting into the start of our month, we were very pleased to score trailers for the upcoming Ridley Scott blockbuster tale of the legendary archer, Robin Hood (Universal Pictures). And speaking of legendary tales, we're sure the epic Saints/Colts game of this year's SuperBowl will go down in history, and we were extremely honored to contribute to the Shutter Island commercial for the big game that was watched by over 106 million people. Up next, we had a scarily-good time working on more trailers for the forthcoming Warner Bros. classic retelling of, A Nightmare On Elm Street. And from bladed hands to stave-in-hand, next we jumped into trailers for M. Night Shyamalan brand new action-thriller, The Last Airbender! And finally, we took to the air ourselves for the rest of the month with trailers for Dreamworks Animation's latest adventure, How To Train Your Dragon!

January 2010
Happy New Year, Everyone! And what a terrific new year it is! We were honored to kick things off with Martin Scorsese and trailers for his latest blockbuster thriller, Shutter Island (Paramount Pictures). And for more of the scary fun, up next we continued our work on trailers for the highly anticipated Universal Pictures' release of The Wolfman. And finally, after all of that intensity and fright, we brought things back to the heartland with more TV commercial spots for Ford.

December 2009
Hannibal, BA, Face, and Murdoch - We love it when a plan comes together! That's right, our childhood heroes, The A-Team, were first in our studios this month, as we had a blast working on trailers for the upcoming 20th Century Fox release. As if that wasn't enough action, up next we roared into trailers for Universal Pictures' amped up thriller, The Wolfman. Following that, we jumped from one American classic to another, as we scored a series of commercial spots for Ford. And finally, we were very happy to be able to contribute to productions for the outstanding humanitarian organization, Human Rights Watch. And on that note, we'd like to wish everyone a very wonderful and warm holiday!

November 2009
AT&T and Michael Mann flew into the top of our month as we lent a musical hand for the latest Spy Movie spots being crafted by the Oscar-wining director for AT & T's holiday ad campaigns. And for even more action, next we flew into creating material for the theatrical trailers for DreamWorks Animation's latest animated adventure, How To Train Your Dragon. Finally, with the Olympics right around the corner, we had a snowy good time working on the feature documentary, Appointment In Vancouver, about Olympic athlete Casey Puckett's quest for Gold in the upcoming Vancouver Winter Games.

October 2009
With Halloween right around the corner, we had great fun screaming into the month with something appropriately scary: scoring trailers for The Fourth Kind (Universal Pictures)! Up next, it was commercials, commercials everywhere! First we continued in the thriller vein with scoring the latest extraordinary film, Nocturne, from Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Vincent Laforet and director/vfx wizard Stu Maschwitz, featuring Cannon U.S.A.'s groundbreaking new cameras. Then it was on to commercial spots for Lawyers.com and Twin Hill. Finally, rounding out the month, we worked with the team behind Showtime's 'Cathouse' providing music for their latest television project, Tattoo Tales: Las Vegas.

September 2009
Kicking things off, we kept up August's thrillfest with even more scary work on trailers for A Nightmare On Elm Street (Warner Bros. Pictures). And moving from that to an entirely different type of fun, we next contributed music for MTV's hit series, Parental Control. Finally, marching through the end of the month, we continued our work on G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra (Paramount Pictures), which began back in February with TV spots kicking off the film's TV ad campaign.

August 2009
It may be summertime, but it felt more like Halloween to us this month, as we dove into a whole pile of scream-filled films! Starting things off, we created lots of sonic scariness for trailers for A Nightmare On Elm Street, Warner Bros' terrifying update of the horror classic. Up next, The Final Destination was our next destination, as we worked on trailers for this fourth release in New Line Cinema's fun thriller series. And wrapping things up, we polished off some TV spots for Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen (Paramount Pictures).

July 2009
It's a mid-summer alien invasion! District 9 landed at the top of our month, as we created all sorts of sonic scariness for trailers for the explosive blockbuster-with-a-message thriller from Columbia Tristar Pictures. Up next we wormholed through even more alien space action to land at TV spots and theatrical trailers for Stargate Universe (MGM), the highly-anticipated upcoming third (and most dark) television series from the hit Stargate franchise. And finally, we brought things back a little closer to home, with our continued scoring work on the fascinating documentary, Truth In Numbers: Everything According To Wikipedia.

June 2009
This summer just became that much hotter, as Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, and the rest of the Public Enemies' gang rolled into our studios, as we worked on TV spots for the Universal Pictures' blockbuster. Speaking of hot things, Wii MotionPlus was the next item to take over our attention span, as we scored spots for EA Sports featuring the latest accessory for the hit Nintendo Wii gaming platform. And for yet another hot star of popular technology, how about the world's second most popular website that everyone uses, but usually doesn't think about: Wikipedia. This month we started delving into the powerful world behind-the-scenes at Wiki as we began our scoring work on the documentary, Truth In Numbers: Everything According To Wikipedia.

May 2009
"Transform and Roll Out!" was our mantra, as Optimus Prime drove into the beginning of our month with work on the theatrical trailers for the blockbuster, Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen (Paramount Pictures). And following that, we transformed into the video game world of Autobots and Decepticons with crafting signature sonic elements for the trailers for Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen The Game (Activision). Finally, as a nice balance to the month's earlier epic robot adventures, we wrapped things up by providing music for commercial spots for the nationally renowned Potomac Hospital.

April 2009
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS) was a pleasure to have first in our lineup this month, as we provided music for the hit series, including one of our favorite episodes yet, A Space Oddity, CSI's fond tribute episode to sci-fi and Trekkies around the world. Up next was more of the hit CSI franchise, this time with music for CSI: NY, as we follow Det. Mac Taylor and his team solving the complex crime puzzles of Gotham City. And filling out the rest of the month, we jumped back into the world of sci-fi by creating trailer music and sound design for the action blockbuster, Terminator Salvation (Warner Bros. Pictures). We can already tell you, this is going to be one intense film, and sure to please fans both new and old!

March 2009
DreamWorks Pictures/Paramount Pictures' latest thriller, The Uninvited, was our invited guest at the front of the month, as we scared even ourselves while creating trailer elements for this most recent hit from the producers of The Ring and Disturbia. Next, racing from thriller to action, we continued the month with scoring the trailer for Lions Gate's adrenalin-filled release, Octane. And with that fueling the fires of our action cravings, we pumped things up next by creating trailer music for a second Lions Gate release, the punch-packed film featuring stars from the UFC, Harder They Fall.

February 2009
Well it may be February, but it was Miss March that filled the beginning of our month with laughs, as we created lots of fun rock for the trailer for this latest Fox Searchlight Pictures comedy. And from rock guitars to full orchestra, up next was working with our friends at Pictures In A Row and Big Bang Electrical with music for commercials spots for Credit Unions Of Washington. Finally, finishing out the month, we provided music for the trailer of a film that we feel has an extra special place of importance: A Powerful Noise (Sheila C. Johnson), which is about empowered women from around the globe working for the betterment of their communities, and ultimately, the world. The film hits theaters nationwide on March 5, with extended screenings continuing throughout the rest of the year.

January 2009
It's a brand new year (and a new location for us!) and we celebrated by reconnecting with a beloved childhood friend of ours: Astro Boy! We were heart-warmed to create trailer elements for this forthcoming blockbuster release from Summit Entertainment, featuring the little good-natured robot from the international hit animated television series finally getting his theatrical debut. And speaking of hit movies, up next we had a blast working with the exceptionally talented vocalist, Marcela May, creating ethereal trailer music for S. Darko, the forth-coming sequel to 20th Century Fox's hit, Donnie Darko.

December 2008
Typically in December, we do a massive work overload so that we can take the second half of the month off for vacation, but this year was an entirely new crunch, as we moved the Louder Productions' studios to a larger new location just a short distance down the road. And while it took an enormous amount of effort (not to mention a whole lot of new studio wiring), the result has been exceptional and we're very happy in our new home!

November 2008
Music for Warner Bros. Movies On Demand commanded our attention first this month, as we had lots of laughs scoring more national commercial spots featuring the super-laid-back-guitar-player-dude music we launched with Warner Bros. during their earlier campaign in the summer (which featured our own super-laid-back-dude, vocalist extraordinaire, Jason Paige). And up next was a project very close to our hearts: creating music and sound design for the three latest spots in the very intense smoking-prevention television ad campaign, Venomocity (and while the campaign itself was very serious, working on it was a blast with our old friends at Pictures In A Row and The Orphanage!).

October 2008
Whoop Mobile kicked things off, as we created music for numerous commercial spots in the global innovator's latest advertising campaign. And following our work with Whoop, it must be that time of year again, because we spent the rest of the month creating music for various commercial spots for the coming November U.S. elections.

September 2008
More music for games was first to animate our month, as we created trailer music for the release of Sony Computer/Insomniac Games' Resistance 2, the sequel to their blockbuster hit, Resistance. And continuing on in the realms of animation, up next we scored the trailer for yet another sequel: 20th Century Fox's release of Garfield's Pet Force. Wrapping up the month, we moved back into the live-action world and created very scary music for Lions Gate's latest fun horror film, The Substitute.

August 2008
Our July laughs continued into this month with HBO's Emmy-winning dramedy, Entourage, as we created more music for the show's upcoming fifth season and we can already tell you, this is going to be a great Entourage year! Following that, it was time to get a little more serious (but still as heartfelt) as we provided music for an Arizona ad campaign to promote green energy resources. And if we started the month with laughs, then we finished with screams, as we scored the trailer for Room 205, Lions Gate's latest horror release.

July 2008
It's hot fun in the summer as HBO's Emmy-winning show, Entourage, kicks off the month, and we have a blast creating music for the fifth season of the hit dramedy. Up next, the laughs keep coming with music for NBC's DVD release of the eighth season of their Emmy-winning comedy, Will & Grace. And finally, to add a little classic summer scary fun to our month, we wrapped things up with creating trailer music for Lions Gate's latest horror, Trackman.

June 2008
It's the start of summer! And what better way to celebrate than to pick up our acoustic guitars and create laid-back comedy national commercial spots for Warner Bros' latest Movies On Demand campaign. And speaking of celebrating the beginning of summer, up next we threw off our hats to the graduating class of High School Musical 3, as we contributed production work for the soundtrack of Disney Interactive Studios' latest video game for the series of hit musicals: High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

May 2008
Honda Motor Sports kick-started the action this month, as we scored commercial spots for their lineup of off-road vehicles powering through every terrain imaginable! Up next, jumping from off-road to no-road vehicles, we provided music for TV promos for the SCI-FI Channel's hit series, Stargate: Atlantis. And wrapping up the month with even more TV spots, we scored commercials for Warner Bros, promoting their transition to 'Day-And-Date' movie release timings, making them one of the largest studios to start releasing their films in all major digital and physical formats simultaneously.

April 2008
CSI: NY (CBS) took us back to high school this month, as we contributed music for an episode that has the mega-hit series' detectives investigating a prom night gone horribly wrong! Following that, we went even further back into our childhoods with one of our early loves, Garfield, as we provided trailer music for 20th Century Fox's release of Garfield's Fun Fest. And capping things off with a roadside attraction we're sure glad we didn't visit as kids, we scored the trailer for Lionsgate's latest horror release, Side Show.

March 2008
They say March comes in like a lion, and that certainly is true for us, as the first thing through our doors was the roar of a Land Rover! The high-end SUVs were all over our studio as we contributed music for commercial spots featuring Range Rover Sports tearing through Land Rover's own off-road driving schools. Speaking of high-end products, up next we scored commercials for celebrity cosmetics giant, Napoleon Perdis. Finally, closing out the month with a project that was especially close to our hearts, we scored the Glaser Progress Foundation's congressional presentation of a classic Bobby Kennedy broadcast.

February 2008
CSI: NY (CBS) scorches into the beginning of the month, as we provide music for an episode featuring the Emmy-winning show's detectives trying to unravel the story behind a badly burned corpse that turns out to be a very 'hot' underground NY street-luge racer. And continuing in the path of hot street racers, up next we scored a commercial for the launch of Audi's brand new sports coupe line, the A5. And maybe it's the cold weather that's causing a running theme of heat this month, because for our third project, we provided trailer music for Alchemy Television's suspense thriller about the international politics of oil, 'Burn Up'. Finally, filling out the month with a film that has nothing to do with heat, but does have plenty of laughs, we provided trailer music for Lionsgate's latest comedy release, 'What Up?'

January 2008
Happy New Year everyone! It's a brand new year and we're excited! Kicking things off, the Dark Knight is back - this time in Legos! Yes, that's right, we were very pleased this month to create trailer music for the debut of Warner Bros. Interactive's new video game, Lego Batman: The Video Game! Up next we continued on to working with another Hollywood legend of a completely different type: celebrated celebrity makeup artist, Napoleon Perdis, as we created music for commercials for his line of high-end cosmetics. And speaking of cosmetics, for our third assignment of the month we launched into a television show that uses lots of it, as we provided promo music for the Sci Fi channel's hit series, Stargate: Atlantis.

December 2007
Usually December is a short month as we get ready to take off for vacation, but it sure seemed busy as ever! First up was music for CSI: NY (CBS) in an intense episode featuring a joke exploding cigar that came with a lot more 'bang' than usual! Following that, we continued on to more stories of deadly pranks as we contributed trailer music for Sony Pictures' latest thriller, April Fool's Day. And wrapping things up before the break, we provided trailer music for yet another story of people getting more than they bargained for - this time with Lion's Gate's latest thriller, Sˇance. It's been a terrific month of fun productions and we've had a blast! And on that note - it's time to celebrate! We wish everyone very Happy Holidays!

November 2007
We always have enjoyed our Martinis straight up - way up - and this month it's especially true as CBS's hit show CSI: NY featured our music in an episode that centered around a giant sized (and unfortunately lethal) version of the classic cocktail, suspended high over Times Square! And keeping within the world of 'high' society, up next we switched coasts to Hollywood to provide music for commercial spots for the fun and flashy celebrity makeup artist and cosmetics giant, Napoleon Perdis. Finally, to wrap up the month with lots of laughs, we created trailer music for the upcoming First Look Pictures comedy, Senior Skip Day, starring Tara Reid, Larry Miller, and Norm MacDonald.

October 2007
The TV season is back in full swing and we love it! Music in episodes of CSI: NY (CBS) fills the month, as we follow the Emmy-nominated show's detectives investigating everything from a crime scene that's 150 feet underwater, all the way to re-examining the Amityville Horror murders - it's an exciting month! And up next, the action music continues with us scoring a national commercial spot that has Land Rover's Range Rover Sport slogging through mud, climbing boulders, and flying through all sorts of rugged terrain! And finally, we scored a trailer for the latest movie from one of our favorite childhood animated characters, Garfield Gets Real (20th Century Fox).

September 2007
NBC's Will & Grace kicks off the month with their release of the show's seventh season on DVD, and we had lots of fun scoring outtakes, deleted scenes, and other bonus features for the Emmy-winning series. For our next destination in TV land, we wormholed over to Stargate: Atlantis (MGM/SCI-FI Channel), where we provided lots of high action orchestral and rock music for TV and radio promos. Then we flew back to score national commercial spots for the pharmaceutical giant, Purdue Pharma. And finishing out the month, we helped create music for the industry's latest charity TV show event, Rock And A Hard Place (DIRECTV), where rock stars compete with each other in their knowledge of music trivia, with all of the proceeds going to great causes.

August 2007
It's the hottest month of summer and we've been working on movies that really heat things up! First we scored a TV trailer for the steamy new suspense thriller, Perfect Stranger (Sony Pictures), where sparks fly between stars Halle Barry and Bruce Willis. And turning up the temperature even further, next we scored promos for the Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony bio pic, El Cantante (New Line Cinema), about the life of salsa legend, Hector Lavoe. And finally, ending out the month with some summer scary fun, from the producers of The Grudge and The Messengers, we provided trailer music for Sony Pictures latest horror/thriller release, Boogeyman 2.

July 2007
July is typically the month we try and take off for a little vacation, but before jetting off for a little northern retreat in Canada, we appropriately enough created some last minute promo music for the Canadian teen drama, Whistler (CTV). Often compared to Fox's, The OC, Whistler takes place in the luxurious world-class Canadian resort town for which the show is named. Chock full of scandals, romances, and relationships, all underscored with a slick indy soundtrack, it's one of Canada's hottest shows.

June 2007
It's an intense summer already and it's only June! First up was an adrenaline packed Nokia commercial, featuring a combination of action film-trailer style orchestral music and hard-hitting electronic music to promote their latest multimedia game, Space Impact. Following that, we provided music for the trailer for Lions Gate's latest horror/thriller, Werewolf: The Devil's Hound. And completing the month was yet another trailer for Lion's Gate, this time for their release of the tense urban action flick, Hardrock.

May 2007
Music in CSI: NY (CBS) was first to kick off this month, this time for a scene in a nightclub's washroom where a vending machine gives a patron much more than he pays for! Guest starring tennis great, John McEnroe, you could say he gets quite the run for his money! Following up next, we jumped into scoring the documentary, 'Unfinished Business,' directed by our good friend Adam Finberg, about the inspirational life of Greg Horvath and his decision to return to college to play football at the age of 38! A heartfelt story, to say the least! And finally after that, it's Pilot Season here in LA, so we created lots of music for potential new fall TV shows. Happy TV Season, everyone! Good luck to all of the new shows!

April 2007
WOW, such an exciting month, it's hard to know where to start! First up was TV promo material for Zodiac (Warner Bros.), followed by a TV trailer for 28 Weeks Later (Fox Atomic). Then it was on to music for the hit HBO series, Entourage and back-to-back episodes of CBS's mega-hit crime drama, CSI: NY. And capping off the month, we were extremely honored and humbled to receive a 2007 Silver Addy Award for Best Music for our work on a Toshiba HD-DVD player commercial (which played during this year's SuperBowl)! The Addy's are the world's largest advertising competition, and the spot was truly a group effort from all involved - producers, director, supervisors, editors, artists, mixers, etc. - and we send a big thank you to everyone who helped make the spot shine! And thanks to everyone who helped make this such a terrific month!

March 2007
The future is here! Our first assignment this month was the national commercial campaign for Toshiba's latest generation HDTV, the Regza. The spot features Michael Imperioli (of The Sopranos fame) in a stylized kaleidoscope montage, and we were delighted to create the music (special thanks to our friends at DFJP in NYC!). And speaking of latest generations, next we were very pleased to score TV promos for one of our favorite Sci-Fi shows, Stargate: Atlantis (MGM/SCI-FI Channel). With all of that future tech under our belts, it was time to get back to basics, so we wonderfully wrapped up the month with TV trailer music for the upcoming 20th Century Fox comedy, Firehouse Dog.

February 2007
This month kicked off with a SuperBowl blast as we scored Toshiba's entry into the commercials for the highly anticipated XLI game. Airing just before the halftime show, the spot featured huge orchestra and choir music underscoring a harrowing helicopter chase scene - exciting stuff! And the excitement didn't end there, as later in the month we were extremely pleased to see Martin Scorsese finally be awarded his well-deserved Oscar for The Departed (for which we were honored to provide promo music). And finally, finishing out the month on a fun note, we scored the trailer for MGM's upcoming thriller, Species: The Awakening.

January 2007
We're off to the races! Quite literally, actually, as one of our first projects this month was providing trailer music for the upcoming MGM feature, The Flying Scotsman, about the life of champion Scottish cyclist, Graeme Obree. Following that, we raced right into our next assignments: scoring two national commercial campaigns - the first being for a major pharmaceutical company and the next being for one of the largest international educational institutions. Happy New Year, everyone!

December 2006
December (or at least most of it) is always a wonderful month of rest and relaxation, as we all take off for the holidays. But it sure was a rush up to the last minute! First up was creating a whole lot of music for the trailer for Chris Rock's latest comedy film, I Think I Love My Wife (Fox Searchlight Pictures). This is a slightly different venture from what we've typically come to expect from Rock, as we follow his straight-laced main character and his not so straight-laced battles with his marriage...hilarious! Following that venture, we also squeezed in creating trailer music for the MGM adventure/thriller, The Tower Of The Firstborn. Lot's of fun and a great way to blast into the end of the month! Happy Holidays to everyone!

November 2006
An incredibly busy month! First on our list was flying high with CSI: NY, as we were delighted to contribute more featured music for the hit CBS crime-scene drama, this time for a scene where the lead detectives time the flight of a New York racing pigeon, and thus discover their final crucial piece of evidence that solves the crime. After CSI: NY landed, the rest of the month continued to soar with us scoring national commercial spots for Corinthian Colleges (one of the largest post-secondary education companies in North America). We'd like to extend our special thanks to all of our friends at CSI, Pictures In A Row, and Engle & Murphy, with whom we always greatly enjoy working!

October 2006
Crime scenes, sharks, vampires, and... skateboards? It's a crazy busy month! First up, we were pleased to continue our musical contributions to the hit CBS crime drama, CSI: NY (special thanks to our friends in the band, Blue Sativa, for their help on this). Next we swung over to the crime scene set of the thriller, Black Christmas, to continue our scoring for TV promos for this upcoming release from The Weinstein Company. Then it was on to sharks, which are normally just as scary as crime scenes, but in this case it was just a whole lot of fun, since we were diving into the trailer music for the animated undersea comedy/adventure, The Reef (Warner Bros.), starring Freddie Prinze Jr, Rob Schneider, Evan Rachel Wood, Fran Drescher, R. Lee Ermey, and Andy Dick, just to name a few. After drying off from that, next we tore into scoring the trailer for the upcoming vampire thriller, Rise (Ghost House Pictures). From the same company that brought us The Grudge, this feature stars Lucy Liu and promises to be yet another instant classic. And since one vampire movie is never enough, we were thrilled when our next project was scoring an extended making-of DVD promo for Blade: The Series (New Line Television). And finally, winding out the month with a whole lot of laughs, we created lots more music for MTV's new hit show Rob & Big, starring pro skateboarder Rob Dyrdek and his bodyguard/best-friend, "Big".

September 2006
Our speakers were buzzing with excitement this month as we provided television promo music for Martin Scorsese's star-studded blockbuster, The Departed (Warner Bros. Pictures). Featuring Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, and Alec Baldwin, just to name a few, this film promises to be absolutely fantastic, and the early reviews suggest it even exceeds its expectations. Speaking of films with serious buzz, we scored the trailer for Newmarket Films' latest release, Death Of A President, which portrays a fictional assassination of an American President and the aftermath that follows, and it's understandably stirring up controversy all over the world! And finishing out the month, we continued our work on music for the promos for The Weinstein Company's upcoming holiday release, Black Christmas.

August 2006
It may be only August, but Santa Claus is coming to town this month at Louder Productions, as we sled head-first into all sorts of classic holiday music for promos for the upcoming The Weinstein Company's picture, Black Christmas. As you might guess from the title, this is a seriously dark Christmas tale, and accordingly, we're doing some really fun and creepy versions of yuletide classics - look for a few of them coming soon on our music page! Following that, it was on to creating some classic music of a completely different nature for the brand-new MTV reality series, Rob & Big. From the producers of Jackass, this is sure to be another incredibly funny MTV hit. And finally to top out the month, we were really happy to collaborate with our regular (and extremely talented) session musicians, Marcela May (vocals) and Andrew Synowiec (guitars), in producing a song which Marcela wrote for the international children's charity, Songs Of Love Foundation.

July 2006
Tales of glitz and glamour this month (or at least the hilarious pursuit of it!), and we're very honored to create the soundtrack! First, we wrote more music for the hit HBO series, Entourage, this time featuring 'the guys' as they do 'Vegas Baby, Vegas!' - Check out the Entourage website for details on all the fun. And to follow up Sin City, it was only natural that we score the trailer for the upcoming comedy feature, The Amateurs (Bauer Martinez Studios) where we see the all-star cast of Jeff Bridges, Tim Blake Nelson, Joe Pantoliano, William Fichtner, Ted Danson, Patrick Fugit, and Lauren Graham show what happens when a small town bands together to create - what else - an adult film! Don't worry, as the tag line for the film ensures, this is 'the cleanest dirty movie ever made!' Hits theaters everywhere September 15.

June 2006
Wow, what a month! First, we started off providing music for the HBO hit show about crazy Hollywood life, Entourage. Next up, we were very pleased to musically help Blue Bell Creameries say 'Happy Birthday America!' with their feel-good TV spot, Heaven. Then it was on to promos for television broadcasts of the classic films, The Usual Suspects (MGM), and Antitrust (MGM). To top things off, we created music for the trailer for Sleeping Dogs Lie (a.k.a. Stay), Bob 'Bobcat' Goldthwaith's new film with the unbelievable opening scene. We won't tell you what the first scene is (you'll have to watch the movie for yourself!), but let's just say we're pretty sure it's the first time that's been done in a mainstream film! As a finishing thought, we'd like to wish everyone a very happy July 4th holiday weekend!

May 2006
It's one of the most important times of the year - the finale of the TV season - where TV shows pull out all of the stops, and accordingly, we created music for one of the most intense CSI: NY episodes yet: the CSI crew discovers the remains of one of their own former team members! It's an emotionally charged race that has the team searching the depths of past CSI cases to identify and catch the killer, and rest assured, this episode is a cliffhanger! In other news, we continued our work for the Bryan G Show, preparing backing tracks for his upcoming shows, and continued our very exciting work on the forthcoming Marcela May record.

April 2006
Detroit's own trailer-park troubadour, Kid Rock, pays a guest-star visit to New York this month, as we create more music for CSI: NY (CBS). Rock's particular episode features the Atlantic Records superstar as a suspect in his own limo driver's murder. But don't worry, we're betting he didn't do it! Once New York was cleared up, we swung around the world to Hong Kong to create the trailer music for the upcoming Live/Artisan martial arts action thriller, The Great Challenge. Finishing out this month, we thumbed our way back to the States to score the trailer for the upcoming thriller, Machined, also from Live/Artisan. And as an interesting footnote, the national commercial we scored for Toshiba last month was just featured in the NY Times!

March 2006
More music for CSI: NY (CBS), a national high-definition TV spot for Toshiba, a national TV and radio campaign for Honda, music for the trailers for Down In The Valley (ThinkFilm) starring Edward Norton and H.P Lovecraft's Beyond The Wall Of Sleep (Live/Artisan), and more music for Bryan G's huge cruise ship shows (which just earned Norwegian Cruise Line's highest featured performer rating) - it's been a busy month! And that's exactly how we like it! We'd like to give an extra special thanks to the terrific advertising and production people from the commercials. Not only did they do a fantastic job with the spots, but when the people are such a pleasure to work with, it just makes everything that much more fun!

February 2006
Dinner is served this month, as we create more music for CSI: NY (CBS), this time for an episode featuring a live octopus that was the center of an adventurous diner's first and last meal! And continuing in the food theme, we tucked into a whole lot of tasty Klezmer music while scoring the trailer for the upcoming ThinkFilm feature starring Michael Lerner and Jack Klugman, When Do We Eat?, that gives audiences a taste of what happens when a little Ecstasy is mixed into the family patriarch's Seder supper soup! Even scarier than that, we did more music for Final Destination 3 (New Line Cinema), this time scoring Julie Ng's superb feature length documentary about the making of the film. Finally rounding out this month, we scored television promos for the Sony/MGM classic films China Moon and Stonebrook.

January 2006
Wow, this month was so much fun it's just criminal! One of the top highlights was us creating music for the mega-hit TV crime drama, CSI: NY. We'd like to give an extra special thanks to CSI's terrific music supervisors - such wonderful people, personally and professionally! Also this month, Jeff MacDonald did keyboards and string sessions for Clarence Bucaro's forthcoming album. The NY Times compared this young soul artist to late '60's Van Morrison, so these were really fun, classic sessions. And speaking of classic records, we continued work on singer/songwriter Marcela May's forthcoming album - absolutely captivatingly beautiful material. Finally, rounding out this month was a project that came straight from our hearts - contributing music for an outstanding documentary for the hurricane Katrina relief charity, Do Your Part.

December 2005
December was crazy while we were wrapping up a bunch of projects before taking off for the holidays. Wish we could talk about what we were working on, but for now it's got to stay a secret, because the productions are still in progress...

November 2005
It's all laughs around here this month! First we scored a TV spot for the upcoming Fox Searchlight holiday comedy hit, The Ringer, starring Johnny Knoxville. Next up was creating the trailer music for comedian Sarah Silverman's fall-off-your-chair hilarious movie, Jesus is Magic. Finally, to round out the month, director Adam Finberg asked us to add the polishing musical touches to his three latest comedy commercial spots (RockStar Energy Drink, Fox Sports Net, and Mini Cooper). Check them out for yourself at Adam's production company's website, www.Jasonite.com.

October 2005
After we finished scaring the socks off ourselves while creating the music for the trailer for Fear of Clowns (Artisan), we switched gears, cranked the guitar amps up to 11, and went stage-diving into the scoring of a heavy metal TV show pilot called Metal Sludge. Which was very appropriate because it's a little-known closely guarded secret that in his past life (early 1990's for the rest of us), our own Rich Florio was the founding bass player of one of the Sunset Strip's hottest metal acts, Sister Whiskey (Warner Bros. Records).

September 2005
The ride continues! We're still deep in the music for the promos for Final Destination 3 (New Line Cinema), the first of which is a 20-minute behind-the-scenes featurette. Julie Ng, the acclaimed director/producer of the Willard documentary which we previously scored, is the driving force behind the FD3 promos and as expected, they really are shaping up to be some of the best featurettes we've seen, and Julie, as always, is incredibly inspiring to work with! In between FD3 thrill rides, we also managed to fit in more production work for the amazing Bryan G musical comedy show, this time recording his impersonations of Paul McCartney and Marc Anthony. When Bryan's at the mike, it's like have 70 years worth of musical legends in our studios at one time!

August 2005
It's been a rollercoaster of a month here at Louder Productions - quite literally! We're strapping in to create the music for a number promos and featurettes for New Line Cinema's upcoming release of Final Destination 3, who's entire premise is based around - yep, you guessed it - an unbelievably big roller coaster! This film is going to be a blast on the big screen and also the home theater, as there are some unprecedented things being planned for the DVD that will make quite a stir! Also filling out the month was the creation of music for the trailer for Jimmy and Judy (7 Arts), starring Edward Furlong, Rachael Bella, and William Sadler.

July 2005
The Fab Five rule the roost this month, as Louder Productions creates a whole series of music cues for the soon to be released (Aug 23) Queer Eye for the Straight Guy DVD collection (NBC/Bravo). We're feeling better dressed already!

June 2005
Music in all styles across the board at Louder Productions for the trailers for CrossBones (Lions Gate), Blood of Beasts (Sony Pictures), and The Aristocrats (Think Film), who's theatrical release features Jason Alexander, Drew Carey, George Carlin, Phyllis Diller, Whoopi Goldberg, Gilbert Gottfried, Bill Maher, Chris Rock, Trey Parker, Howie Mandel, Robin Williams, Steven Wright, Bob Saget and almost every other major comic of our time... one hundred in all! In addition to all of this, Jeff MacDonald mixes the forthcoming EP from Los Angeles funk-rock band, If 6 Were 9. Also prominently in the news, Los Angeles rock band Chach, which Jeff MacDonald produced, tops 60,000 plays on MySpace.com, continuing their solid past two months of charting in the Top 30 bands, outranking bands like Nine Inch Nails and Oasis. Check them out: www.ChachMe.com.

May 2005
It's a busy month! After regaining his balance back on land following his cruise ship excursion, Jeff MacDonald, along with Rich Florio, create a group of orchestral cues for the trailer for the upcoming Fox Searchlight film, Separate Lies. At the same time, the entire Louder team is busy at work creating a whole series of comedy music for the upcoming Season 4 DVD of Will & Grace (NBC).

April 2005
Louder Productions at sea! Jeff MacDonald goes onboard the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Monarch of the Seas to produce the live music for the premier of the Bryan G Show. The multimedia show is a huge success and within a week goes from being a small opening act to starring as the featured headlining comedy show! Special thanks goes to the show's star, the amazing Bryan G, and to executive producer, writer, and comic genius, Sean Haines - both such wonderful people! The rest of the Louder team is left wondering whether Jeff will ever return from the land of midnight chocolate buffets and endless cocktails. Somewhere in there they find time to contribute music for the trailer for Michael Winterbottom's hip new film 9 Songs, which features music by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Dandy Warhols, The Von Bondies, and Franz Ferdinand, as well as composer Michael Nyman. Thanks to our colleagues at Yale Music (Toronto) for help on this. On top of all that, the trailer that Louder Productions scored for the movie Kinsey was nominated for a Key Art Award - the Oscar of the trailer industry.

March 2005
Production begins on the massive musical undertaking of producing/recording all of the music for the new comedy show for gifted musical impersonator, Bryan G. This show includes full horns plus rhythm section, and covers every musical style from Willie Nelson, to swing, to Led Zeppelin. Production also continues on the latest Marcela May record... Lots of fun! Louder Productions also completes music for the trailer for the upcoming film starring Christian Slater, The Deal (Columbia TriStar).

February 2005
Louder Productions completes music for the Kinsey television promo. The promo is seen worldwide in anticipation for Kinsey's box office release and nomination for Golden Globe and Oscar awards. Louder Productions also creates music for the television promos for the 11th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. The Chach CD, which Jeff MacDonald produced, is one of the fastest growing bands ever listed on MySpace.com, the latest and best place to check out up-and-coming artists. In a little over 6 weeks, Chach gains 15,000 fans and has radio stations calling them asking for interviews. Glad to see people are liking the music!

January 2005
It's Christmas still...we're on vacation! Okay, okay, so we did get back to work toward the end of the month and sneak in some music for a TV promo for the 80's classic Leviathan.

December 2004
Working on the Chach record and the Marcela May record. Awesome music, and the best people you'd ever want to work with!

November 2004
Mixing the Chach record and starting production on the latest Marcela May (Canadian recording artist) record. Managed to sneak in some time to create trailer music for the highly acclaimed films Augustus (Columbia TriStar) starring Peter O'Toole and The Assassination of Richard Nixon (Think Film/New Line) starring Sean Penn, Naomi Watts, and Don Cheadle.

October 2004
Working on the Chach record. Creating music for the trailer for Alex Turner's film Dead Birds (Sony Pictures), which was a hit at the Toronto Film Festival. Scary stuff!

September 2004
Right in the middle of overdubs on the Chach (Los Angeles rock band) record. Scoring music for TV promos for Sketch Artist (MGM), Sour Grapes (MGM/Castle Rock Entertainment), and In The Heat of the Night (MGM Worldwide Television). Getting to work with renowned studio guitarist Andrew Synowiec (Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony) on the Heat of the Night promos was particularly fun! Wow, what a great player! At the beginning of the month, Louder wraps up production of the music for the Kinsey trailer... what an adventure!

August 2004
Working on the trailer for Bill Condon's latest film Kinsey, starring Liam Neeson and Laura Linney. Wow, a great film. Hopefully everyone will get a chance to see this... truly wonderful. The trailer music is a lot of fun - covers everything from funky ethnic music to full orchestra. As an interesting side note, it was a great to see that the actor who stars as Alfred Kinsey's son was none other than Luke MacFarlane, the lead singer of the band Fellow Nameless, which Jeff MacDonald helped get signed to Maverick Records last year.

July 2004
Louder Productions scores the music for the TV/home video promo for Renegade (Sony Pictures) and the trailer for the long awaited prequel to the Cube series, Cube Zero (Lions Gate Films). Also, the psychological thriller Stir of Echoes (Lions Gate/20th Century Fox) is being re-released as a special edition DVD, and Louder Productions scores the music for the trailer.

June 2004
Okay, let's start this new online log of the projects that we're currently working on at Louder Productions. We can't guarantee to always be timely (it gets pretty busy around here from time to time!), but we'll try out best! And what better way to start it off than with Louder Productions creating some music for the trailer for Stephen Fry's latest film starring Dan Aykroyd, Bright Young Things (Think Film/New Line Home Entertainment).

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